SGM 9BXX热成形模具项目招标公告

SGM 9BXX热成形模具项目招标公告
Invitation to Bid for Project of Press Hardening Dies for SGM 9BXX Model
日    期:2016年7月   (Date: July 2016)
招标编号 (Bid No.): 1012-164SSDT07001
        上海商都贸易有限公司(以下简称“招标机构”)受买方委托,邀请合格投标人就所需的下列货物和有关服务提交密封投标。Shanghai Shantra Trading Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred as “Tendering Agent”), for and on behalf of the vendee, invites all eligible bidders to bid for the supply of following equipment and services for Shanghai Superior Die Technology (Yantai) Co.,LTD.

包件号Package No

设备名称Equipment Name数量quantity交货期Delivery Time指定到货地点Arrival location
1热成形模具Press hardening dies2副(1左件+1右件): 2 sets (1 LH part + 1 RH part)2017年4月28日前全部交货并通过验收。Arrival of all equipments at SSDT Yantai,and final reception before Apr.28th 2017DAP 赛科利(烟台)汽车模具技术应用有限公司DAP Shanghai Superior Die Technology (Yantai) Co.,LTD
有意向的合格投标人可在上海商都贸易有限公司得到进一步的信息和查阅招标文件。Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information and inspect the bidding documents at the office of Shanghai Shantra Trading Co.,Ltd.
        对投标人的业绩要求和资格标准:Performance and qualification requirements for bidders
业绩要求:Requirements on Performance:
(1)       且设备运行良好,相关证明材料。The bidder should have experience in HF die production (at least 5 HF dies were offered in China which are in good running 资格标准:Qualification standard:
(1)       The bidder shall have regular spare parts or after-sales service support in People's Republic of China.
(2)       投标人开户银行在开标日前三个月内开具的资信证明复印件或原件;the Bidder shall provide the bank reference letter issued within three (3) months prior to the time of bid opening in original or its copy
(3)       本项目只接受具有生产经历的制造商投标,不允许联合体投标,也不接收贸易代理商投标;Only manufacturer bidder production experiencewill be accepted, so Joint Venture bidder or trading bidder will not be accepted.
(4)       投标截止前,投标人未在招标网完成注册的不得参加投标;Before the bid opening time, the Bidder should register on “the website”:
(5)       进口设备的投标单位必须具备签订外贸合同的条件。Imported equipment bidder must have the conditions to sign the foreign trade contract.
以上资质文件应在规定的期限内真实有效,否则可以视为非实质性响应招标文件而予以否决。The above mentioned proof or qualification documents must be real and within the period of validity, otherwise, the bid will be considered as substantially non-responsive and will be rejected.
如投标人不满足业绩要求和资格标准则可以视为实质性不响应招标文件而予以否决。Failure of meeting these qualification requirements,the bid will be viewed as substantially non-responsive and will be rejected.
        有意向的合格投标人可20167月 13日至2016720,每天8:30时至16:00时(北京时间,节假日除外)在上海商都贸易有限公司(上海娄山关路85B1206)购买招标文件,本招标文件售价为人民币1500元/美金230元/,售后不退。发售的纸质招标文件和电子介质的招标文件具有同等法律效力,出现不一致时以纸质招标文件为准。Interested eligible bidders are kindly requested to contact Shanghai Shantra Trading Co.,Ltd. to buy bidding documents between 8:30 a.m. and 16:00p.m. (Beijing time, except holidays and week-ends) at the following address from July 13th to July 20th , 2016, upon non-refundable payment of RMB 1500 or USD 230 for the bidding documents for each IFB. Paper bidding document and electronic one have the same legal effectiveness. Unless otherwise stipulated, in the event of any discrepancies between them, the paper version shall govern.
        投标人应于开标前在“中国国际招标网”(网站注册,并可通过网站查询评标结果。 All bidders shall register on the website (
5.         所有投标书应于201683日10:00(北京时间)之前递交到上海商都贸易有限公司(上海娄山关路85号B座1006会议室),晚于投标截止时间递交的投标文件恕不接收。All Bidding documents must be delivered to Shanghai Shantra Trading Co.,Ltd.. (Meeting Room 1006, Suite B, NO85 LOUSHANGUAN ROAD, Shanghai) before 10:00 am on Aug. 3rd , 2016 (Beijing time). Any bidding document delivered after the deadline will not be accepted.
6.         定于201683日10:00 北京时间),在上海商都贸易有限公司(上海娄山关路85号B座1006会议室)公开开标。届时邀请参加投标的代表出席开标仪式!Bids will be opened in the presence of bidders' representatives who choose to attend at 10:00 am on Aug. 3rd , 2016 (Beijing time) at Shanghai Shantra Trading Co.,Ltd. . Meeting Room 1006, suite B, NO85 LOUSHANGUAN ROAD, Shanghai).
以上招标、投标、开标程序为本次招标的法定程序,日程安排如有变更,以本公司的书面通知为准。欢迎有制造能力的国内外合格投标人就标书的内容进行投标(本项目仅接受具有热成形模具生产经历的制造商投标,不接受贸易代理商投标,也不接受联合体投标)。The above Schedules of tendering, bidding and bid opening are legal proceedings. Any alteration in the schedule will be announced by the letter in written by our company. All eligible bidders, local or foreign, who can manufacture such kind of equipments of this project, are welcome to bidwith HF dieproduction experience.
Tendering Agent: Shanghai Shantra Trading Co.,Ltd.
Address: Room 1206, SUITE B, NO85 LOUSHANGUAN ROAD, Shanghai, P. R. China
Postcode: 200336
Contact persons: Mr. Qiu Hong Jun, Mr. Li Ming
    Tel. 86- 21-62758902, 86-21-62758906